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About Arcane Comics & More

With the best subscription service in town, we have slayed zombies and saved days with you since 2004. We are open everyday of the week from 10am to 8pm to satisfy your comic fix at the drop of a hat. Our headquarters is located in Shoreline Washington, just North of Seattle. We will always help you find what you are looking for.

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  • Arcane Comics
  • 15202 Aurora Ave N
  • Shoreline, WA 98133
  • Tel : 206-781-4875
  • Fax : 206-781-4895

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Subscription Service

Arcane Comics offers the best Subscription Service in town.

To become an Arcane Comics subscriber, simply create an account and fill out the required fields. Then select My Account » Subscriptions to add titles and view your current list. Or click on the subscribe button on any item available for Subscription and follow the steps.

  • No deposits or setup fees.
  • No minimum number of titles.
  • Never miss an issue of your favorite titles.
  • Website login to edit your list online.
  • All comics subscribed to come bagged and boarded.
  • 10% off all shop merchandise with more than 10 active monthly titles on your list.
  • Instore Pickup or Scheduled Shipping
  • Subscribe to Trade Paperbacks and Mini-Series as well as ongoing titles.
  • You must be subscribed to 1 active title.
  • Active Credit Card.
  • Pick up all items ordered for you once a month.
  • Deadline for removing items from your list is the Monday before the item ships on Wednesdays.
A few other words:

We reserve the right to refuse to sell products we deem questionable to minors. All age restrictions will be observed. Arcane Comics & More will not sell any item labeled for mature readers to anyone under the age of 18.

You agree to pickup ALL ordered items at least ONCE A MONTH. If you haven't been in awhile and we contact you please respond. No response within a reasonable time will result in your box being deactivated and any of your unpaid comics orders being shelved. Paid items will be shipped to the address you have on file. Just communicate with us we will work with you.

Best Reads Program

Arcane Comics Best Reads Program brings you a great book every month at an amazing discount.

Exposing you to new books you may have not read yet is our goal. Each month we will offer the first volume of a series to our readers at a discount of up to 40%. This discount will be honored through the last day of the month for each series featured. If we are out of stock on a series, reorders will be honored at that discount as long as the order is placed by the close of business on the last day of the month. Check out this months Best Reads pick.


When do new comics arrive at the shop ?

New Comics are on the shelves every Wednesday by 10am.

What are Arcane Comics hours ?

Arcane Comics is open from
12pm - 6pm Pacific Time Sat - Tue
10am - 7pm Wed
12pm - 7pm Thur and Fri.

Where is Arcane Comics ?

Arcane Comics is located at...

  • 15202 Aurora Ave N Ste A
  • Shoreline, WA 98133

When will I be charged for my order ?

You are charged for your In Stock Orders as they ship.

You are charged for your Subscriptions based on the shipping schedule you select. You are charged when your Subscription items ship.

You are charged for your Advance Orders, Pre Orders and Re Orders when you place your order. These items will ship with your Subscription items based on the shipping schedule you select.

Where does Arcane Comics ship to ?

Arcane Comics, currently, only ships to locations within the United States.

When will my order ship ?

Orders of In Stock items ship within 2 business days of payment being processed. If you place an order on Friday, that order will ship out by Tuesday.

Your Subscriptions, Advance Orders, Pre Orders and Re Orders will ship out by Thursday morning, based on the shipping schedule you selected and when your items arrive in store.

If you have other pending orders such as Subscriptions or Advance Orders, you may opt to have your in stock orders ship with your next scheduled shipment.

Shipping schedule options for non in stock items are: Weekly, Biweekly and Monthly. Weekly is every Thursday. Biweekly is every other Thursday. Monthly is the first Thursday of the month.

All comics ordered will ship in bags and boards.

What are the Domestic shipping methods ?

Currently we use the USPS for all shipments. Economy is the less expensive and slowesr option. Priority is the more expensive and faster option.

All rates are flat rates and are as follows:

USPS Economy Rate $5.00, 5-10 Business Days.

USPS Priority Rate $11.35, 2-3 Business Days.

What is Arcane's return/refund policy ?

If your order is damaged or we sent you the wrong items by mistake, please contact us at with a detailed description of the problem. Feel free to attach images of the shipment in the email. In the subject line of your email, please include your order number.

Due to the time sensitive nature and collectibility of our merchandise, Arcane Comics does not accept returns or issue refunds. If you are able to physically bring your unwanted items to the store we may or maynot offer some store credit to compensate for unwanted items. Please bring your reciept with you if you are bringing items into the store for potential store credit.

Is Arcane Comics buying back issues ?

At this time Arcane Comics is not actively purchasing back stock.

Does Arcane buy self published work ?

Arcane Comics does carry many self published items. We require that your work be produced to a standard that we are proud to put it on a shelf. Xeroxed newspint hand stapled items have to be reallllllly freaking good before we will put them on our shelves. Quality is the key. We also require that the price for your item be clearly printed on the cover and request you have a UPC code on the front, back or inside cover.

What is Arcane Comics Privacy Policy ?

Arcane Comics & More collects and uses information from users in the following ways;

Information that the user provides

Name, email Address, Shipping Address, Billing Information and other Contact Information.

Arcane Comics & More encrypts and stores all of the information that you enter on to provide a higher level of customer service for the purposes of shipping, billing and order notifications.

Sharing and Protecting your information;

Arcane Comics & More does not share your information with any third parties.

All payment data is secured and transmitted using a SSLA Secured 128 bit Technology.

We use multiple layers of security and encryption, both hardware and software, in handling all of your personal data to protect you against loss, misuse and stolen data.

Communicating with you

You will receive three emails from Arcane Comics & More for every order placed. The first one, verifying the order was placed. The second one, confirming the processing of your order. The third one, confirming the shipment of your order. These emails are required for the purposes of making sure your orders are received, processed and shipped correctly by Arcane Comics & More.

Optional emails:

Every Monday you will receive an email estimate, detailing the items arriving in store or being shipped to you for Wednesdays shipment.

Occasionally, we do receive damaged product or are shorted items. We will let you know via email, on Wednesday, about any such items in your order.

We send out an email newsletter once a week about the new items arriving in the shops, or cool stuff being offered in the future.

You can opt out of both the Newsletter and order alert emails if you chose by selecting the opt out option at the bottom of those email communications.